Water Bum and Ian’s Bagg


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This week, we spent an hour and a half trying to get a single useable story out of Mike Cronin, but when that inevitably failed we called in the hilarious Ian Bagg (@IanBagg) to share some memorable moments he's had with Chad out on the road!

**Hay Bales Content Warning: Do not Google the term "Water Bum" with "Diarrhea" becauses it's a huge bummer and just a lot of links you do not want your IP address associated with**


Chad Daniels (@ThatChadDaniels) is a Dad, Comedian, and pancake lover. With over 750 million streams of his 5 albums to date, his audio plays are in the 99th percentile in comedy and music on Pandora alone, averaging over 1MM per week. Chad’s previous album, Footprints on the Moon was the most streamed comedy album of 2017, and he has 6 late-night appearances and a Comedy Central Half Hour under his belt.

Cy Amundson (@CyAmundson) With appearances on Conan, Adam Devine’s House Party, and Comedy Central’s This is Not Happening, Cy Amundson is fast-proving himself in the world of standup comedy. After cutting his teeth at Acme Comedy Company in Minneapolis, has since appeared on Family Guy and American Dad and a host on ESPN's Sportscenter on Snapchat.

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