Episode 3 - 1987 Best Actress Part 1 - Cher Over Meryl?!

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ANOTHER SPOILER FREE EPISODE! (WELL, MOSTLY FREE.) Look, the plot of Broadcast News enrages us to the point where we spoil a few things. We also give some almost-spoilers for Anna. But the movies remain totally watchable after listening to us, and dare we say, rewatchable because of your listening to us. So please enjoy. Intro + apologies for missing the past 2 weeks - Episode Start 1987 Year In Review - 2:59 Glenn Close & Fatal Attraction - 9:05 Sally Kirkland & Anna - 31:51 Holly Hunter & Broadcast News - 50:08 Cher & Moonstruck - Coming later this week in Part 2! Meryl Streep & Ironweed - Coming later this week in Part 2! Perfecting Perfection (Our Re-Rank & Grades) - Coming later this week in Part 2! Our film reviews begin with a bio/filmography for each actress, where we highlight whatever tickles our collective fancy about the actor’s origin story and career achievements, including all the juicy gossip and fake news we can get our grubby hands on. We move into a summary of the story’s premise, banterbanterbanter, and then we conclude each segment with a debate over the best, worst, and Oscar reel scenes. The retrospective comes to a close with our patented re-rank that we have the audacity to call Perfecting Perfection. Here, we re-rank the 5 nominees, compare them to all the snubs, and finish with a final rank and grade of the best films in the year. During our discussion of Fatal Attraction, we strike a deft balance between sophistication and fun, tipping our caps to the illustrious career of Glenn Close and the evolution of the domestic monster movie, and then we giggle like schoolchildren as we describe the awkward nude scenes in graphic detail and theorize about the future health problems of Michael Douglas. We tout the hidden gem that is Anna and gush over the performance of the criminally underrated Sally Kirkland. But we also poke some fun at the low budget 80’s soundtrack, the husband mister Daniel guy, and shots that remind us of the Face-Off poster In our spoilerish chat about Broadcast News, we somehow open with a tangent about Steve Guttenberg. So there’s that. Then we laugh about how the media issues of the 80s compare to those of today, and we rage about the Brooks brothers, why Albert is such a close talker and how James L. botched yet another romantic plotline. (PS...Listen to our previous 1997 Best Picture pod to further prove our points.) (PPS...A & JL are not really brothers) (3PS...I just like puns) ...umm, & parentheses.) And that’s it for Part 1! Part 2 will be coming later this week where, as stated above, we will bring to you the reviews of category winner Cher for her work in Moonstruck; the perpetual-contender Meryl for her work in Ironweed; and last but certainly not least (and yet, so very definitely least) our Perfecting Perfection segment. Be on the look-out for Part 2 dropping later this week.

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