Ep 9 - Netflix 2017 Year In Review


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***This is a Spoiler Free Episode*** Our Teaser Review of the Netflix Year of TV and Movies - 4:05 First They Killed My Father - 8:41 The Meyerowitz Stories - 27:39 Mudbound - 45:49 Lightning Round Reviews of 25+ Other 2017 Netflix Original Movies - 1:10:59 Our Top 5 Netflix Films of 2017 AKA Perfecting Perfection - 1:38:22 The podcast opens with an initial review of the Netflix year, taking both its films and TV shows into consideration. We begin with callbacks to our Freshman year Econ classes as we bark at one another about how wealth is achieved and why we have none, and as usual, we quote South Park episodes to prove our points. The show evolves into three primary reviews of the Netflix Oscar Contenders, Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father, Noah Baumbach’s Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller dramedy The Meyerowitz Stories, and the critically beloved Mudbound, directed by Dee Rees and starring Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, and Jason Mitchell. Also Mike rides his foreign film watching white horse and tramples Mike #1’s pathetic attention span for subtitles during our review of First They Killed My Father. The production profile showcases something we once called Brangelina and their wunderkind of a son’s new career as a producer. We also discuss the Oscar buzz surrounding its Best Foreign Film hopes. We vehemently disagree and trash each other over this review, and you don’t want to miss it. It is a War for the Podcast of the Mikes!! YES!!! I worked that in. Is it catching on???!!! During our production profile of The Meyerowitz Stories, we cover it’s colossal win of the Palm Dog (yes, I spelled that right) at the Cannes Film Festival. Look out, Oscar!! Also Mike makes a terrible joke about Mr. Magorium and his wonder emporium as we enter into our thoughts on where this movie should contend at the Oscars. Our review quibbles over whether this is a drama or comedy or dramedy, and we’ll give you a hint. A Mike wins. We gush over the screenplay chops and reference our own family lives to embarrassing levels as we tease some of the plot. We focus on the great cast of Mudbound during our production profile of our third review, give you all the specs on where it’s contending for Oscars, and discuss why Also Mike is a bad person. Then we somehow have a thoughtful discussion of the film and argue why it should be one of the more polarizing on the year. In a new segment we call our Lightning Round Reviews, we give a few words on over 25+ other Netflix Original movies from 2017. So we have your upcoming Netflix & Chill session thoroughly previewed and reviewed, and we bring it all home for you with a ranking of our Top 5 Netflix Original Movies of the Year thus far. As always, hit us up with your comments and feedback. This episode in particular calls out to you several times. We crave your attention, as if that’s a surprise. Don’t forget to plug our podcast during that Thanksgiving Dinner. But most importantly, enjoy your turkey. Watch some “foosball with them gargantuans,” or don’t. Just watch movies with us. Thanks for listening. We’re having a blast recording these episodes, and we so appreciate all your support during these early days of our podcast. Have yourself some Holiday Cheer.

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