Mike Safo with Dr. Jung H. Pak (CIA)


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Joined today by former CIA analyst and author of the fascinating book Becoming “Kim Jong Un: A Former CIA Officer's Insights into North Korea's Enigmatic Young Dictator” Dr. Jung H. Pak. Dr. Pak tell us what led her to join the Central Intelligence Agency, how long she served there and why she just hasn’t had enough of North Korea. The first time author explains the process of writing her first book on such a secretive country, how lonely it could be and how that awesome cover of the book came to be. We talk about Kim Jong Un’s mysterious wife Ri Sol-ju, the role she plays in North Korea and how she compares to other First Ladies. Dr. Pak tells us what Kim Jong Un’s master plan is after extending an olive branch to President Trump, South Korea and allowing the North and South to march in the Olympics. From the biggest misconceptions about the CIA to the best pizza in New York City, Dr. Jung H. Pak continues to be the go to person when talking about Korea. Follow Jung H. Pak and buy her book in the links below. https://twitter.com/junghpak1 https://bookshop.org/ https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Kim-Jong-Officers-Enigmatic-ebook/dp/B07V13WZYW/ref=sr_1_1?crid=G9694ETH7IY4&dchild=1&keywords=becoming+kim+jong+un&qid=1590111957&sprefix=becoming+kim%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-1

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