WWII history book – “Escape from Paris” (Da Capo, 2019) – Stephen Harding interview


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Stephen Harding is currently editor of Military History Magazine. He’s been an Army staff historian, a magazine writer and editor and he’s written numerous popular books on World War II. We talk about his latest book “Escape from Paris” which focuses on three B-17 gunners shot down over France and the young French woman and her family who help them evade capture in German-held Paris.

0:44 – Stephen talks about how he got into studying and writing on WWII.

4:47 – Stephen talks about his book “Escape from Paris.”

10:20 – Stephen talks about he mixes the big picture and the personal stories in the book.

11:51 – Stephen talks about the American aerial gunners he focused on in the book.

12:54 – Stephen talks about how this book is similar to his previous books on the real people who fought in WWII.

14:29 – Stephen talks about the French Resistance and how many women were involved with it.

18:34 – Stephen talks some more about how many women in France were engaged in combat action.

20:29 – Stephen talks about what the story of the American gunners involves and how they got shot down.

24:33 – Stephen talks about the Hotel Les Invalides.

25:51 – Stephen talks about where he went to research the book and what he found.

30:10 – Stephen talks about an unusual 11th man on one of the B-17s that was shot down in this story.

32:34 – Stephen talks about how the French reacted to his research for this book.

33:33 – Stephen talks about some of the interesting documents and photographs he came across in his research.

39:07 – Stephen talks about some of the research he did with german documents.

43:56 – Stephen can be found at StephenHardingbooks.com and on facebook under Stephen Harding. He’s also editor of Military History Magazine. Readers can also go to historynet.com.

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Guests: Stephen Harding

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