Ep5. MURDER: Marine Catfish Murder


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In early 2006, Marine Justin Huff was on a temporary assignment at Dam Neck Naval Station in Virginia Beach, Virginia. When he failed to show up for class on January 2, 2006, it seemed as if he vanished in the night. A catfishing game that went too far would soon be revealed as the culprit for his disappearance. Dig in with Margot as she discusses the case against Navy Petty Officer Cooper Jackson.

Flub Fix: (1) Justin and Jake are the same person. Justin is the victim's first name and "Jake" is his nickname. Justin is used throughout the story, but there are a few spots where Margot calls him "Jake" instead - probably because his friends and family called him Jake. (2) Cooper Jackson is the subject's name. Cooper is used throughout the story, but there are a few spots where Margot calls him "Jackson" - probably because that's what he is referred as in some of the news articles. Sorry for the confusion!


Main Sources For this Episode:

Oxygen’s “A Lie to Die For”

CBS News-“48 Hours: NCIS: Deadly Lies”

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