Create a Money Roadmap Without Being Rich (with Anna Sergunina )


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One big common misconception is that you have to have a ton of money to start doing cool things with your money, like growing it or giving it a direction, and that simply isn’t true. Some of the best money moves I’ve made is when I didn’t have a lot but I knew I needed to be really intentional and good things happened because I had a plan in place.

Our podcast guest, Anna Sergunina is also working to blow up that myth. Anna is a kick-ass Certified Financial Planner and the President & CEO at MainStreet Financial Planning Inc., the nation’s largest fee-only, hourly project-based financial planning business. Even though she became a CFP, she still admits that she made all possible financial mistakes as a young adult. Her career goal is to help you understand that you don't have to be rich to start working on your finances.

What You'll Learn

  • What are some of the biggest myths that people believe when it comes to money that hold them back
  • What is a money roadmap and how do you create one
  • How do you achieve a money goal without being rich
  • Anna's story to becoming a CFP and what she's passionate about teaching
  • Why is everyone talking about money dates



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