4: Student Loan Forgiveness A Bad Thing?, How Our Relationship to Politics Has Changed, Netflix's Bad Recs


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We're back-to-back with Micah appearances on #Millennial - he had more to say, so we're here to listen!
  • Kicking off Black History Month right, Stacey Abrams has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize!
  • Who thought we'd ever regret not investing in GameStop?
  • Professor Micah oversees our bastardized explanation of what happened with the stock market last week, and we share our thoughts on responsible investment.
  • Micah sticks to trading on the stalk market in Animal Crossing, and Laura bet a few dollars on Dogecoin.
  • We unpack an unpopular student loan forgiveness opinion from the Confessional, and a multifaceted conversation ensues about how complicated this issue is.
  • Are federal student loans representative of predatory lending by the government?
  • How has our relationship with politics changed over the last few years? We're more critical, more locally focused, and setting more boundaries with our consumption of cable news.
  • Netflix is bringing a "shuffle play" feature to life in early 2021, which will allow streamers to opt into a shuffle cycle of content that Netflix deems relevant to us based on our watch history.
  • Even though the shuffle option will allow you to skip items you're not feeling, how much confidence do we have in Netflix's recommendations algorithm?
  • Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have recorded a new album, but will also be featured in a documentary about Bennett's struggle with Alzheimer's.
  • Our recommendations are all over the place this week: Pick up your dog's shit (Andrew), 'Anything for Selena' (Pam), Laura and Marc's WandaVision Q&A (Laura), and 'The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel' (Micah).
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And in this week's installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:
  • What is making New Year's resolutions feel so difficult this year?
  • We revisit 2020's resolutions, and how they went off the rails.
  • Is being a professional pothead a bad thing? Laura's certainly drinking less booze.
  • Micah provides some great tips to stay motivated and hold ourselves accountable.
  • Somehow we go on a tangent about Oat Milk. NO IDEA WHY!

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