007 Keep It Simple, Make It Real with Luisa Zhou


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Ever wondered how entrepreneurs can start a successful business while working a full-time job and maintaining financial flexibility? At times, it can seem impossible. However, today’s guest is living proof that it’s not only possible, it’s a plausible reality. Find out more in this episode as Rachel interviews someone who has successfully navigated an entrepreneurial journey while balancing a full-time job working 9 to 5.

In this episode, I’m interviewing Luisa Zhou, CEO of Zhou Ventures, a company that provides aspiring entrepreneurs with actionable advice and inspiration to start and build profitable and meaningful businesses. After working for a successful digital advertising firm, Luisa felt unfulfilled. However, like most people, Luisa wasn’t afforded the luxury of quitting her day job. She decided to stay in her role while simultaneously building a consulting firm. Within no time at all, Luisa was able to put in her notice and focus her time and energy on being an entrepreneur. Luisa is also a launch queen, her latest being valued at $800,000. Join me as Luisa unpacks her launch strategy, shares her mindset, and provides insight into the secret weapons that have gotten her to where she is today.

Here’s what you’ll get out of this:

  • The power of digital advertising
  • How Luisa keeps it simple
  • Tips from Luisa on how to start your business
  • Why having the right mindset is vital
  • The importance of listening to customers
  • The value of market research
  • How to set goals according to your entrepreneurial strategy
  • The importance of taking action in order to make your dreams a reality
  • Why Luisa invested in coaching right from the start

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