1120: Dan "Nitro" Clark


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In this episode, Sal, Adam & Justin interview Dan "Nitro" Clark of American Gladiators fame. TV Host, Life Coach, Speaker, Former American Gladiator, NFL Alumni.

  • What made a kid from ‘The OC’ come to San Jose? (3:15)
  • HIs introduction to steroids. (7:30)
  • How he found ways to become bigger, faster, stronger on the outside after a tragic event in his early life. (10:23)
  • Finding the beauty in your scars. (12:37)
  • ‘The beautiful dream’ of how he became “Nitro” on American Gladiators. (15:00)
  • Why you didn’t want to mess with the ‘Gladiator’ mafia. (21:45)
  • The pros and cons of celebrity. (23:40)
  • Why he is a HUGE proppant of therapy. (27:00)
  • How he had to constantly reinvent himself post ‘Gladiator’ fame. (30:55)
  • The BIG health scare that shattered the existence of who he was. (34:02)
  • Why he is always ‘rekindling’. (43:25)
  • The greatest challenge he has had as a father. (45:18)
  • What changes did he make to his diet post heart attack? (48:50)
  • Why with every setback there is a chance to comeback and rise. (54:54)
  • What inspired his pivot into the podcasting space? (57:56)
  • Craziest drug story? (59:20)
  • Why he is a HUGE believer in stem cell therapy. (1:01:21)
  • Mind Pump’s curiosity surrounding the ‘tennis-ball’ gun. (1:05:30)

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