1140: Nir Eyal


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Interview Nir Eyal

  • Making the case why technology is NOT irresistible. (3:08)
  • What is the definition of distraction and traction? (7:55)
  • Why do we do anything? Understanding the nature of human emotion. (9:06)
  • Technology is the tool: It’s all about how we USE IT. (11:07)
  • The technique of using tech against tech: #1 - Social antibodies. (19:50)
  • Making time for traction: Technique #2. (24:44)
  • Hacking back the external triggers: Technique #3. (26:29)
  • Preventing distraction with packs: Technique #4. (27:19)
  • The 3 concepts of social competence and wellbeing when it comes to our children. (28:37)
  • What are some things he agrees with his fellow researchers and what do they disagree on? (35:27)
  • Understanding what your values are and turning those into time. (38:50)
  • What’s the role of dopamine in the brain? (40:05)
  • How technology can be ADDICTIVE, but not affect everyone: The nature of addiction. (41:50)
  • What is his take on the future of technology? (46:10)
  • Why ‘filter bubbles’ is nothing new. (53:03)
  • The importance of having a conversation rather than fear-mongering. (56:56)

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