1151: The Most Important & Effective Part of a Rep, Getting Enough Calories to Build Muscle, Learning from Past Training Mistakes & MORE


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In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about trying to put on muscle but struggling with eating extra calories, what to do when you hit a body weight plateau, whether the eccentric part of a rep is the most effective part of the rep, and what their training looks like for sports or competitions if they were to train their 18 year old selves.

  • Not your typical priests: The guys recap their trip to Santa Barbara to interview Bishop Barron, Round 2. (5:00)
  • Cardio and cartoons, the best way to pass the time. (8:05)
  • The difficult transition going back to work after having a baby. (11:35)
  • Sal has gone to the dark side. (27:12)
  • Justin talks about Halloween and alcohol. (28:52)
  • Massive hysteria in California with the rolling blackouts, fires & MORE. (31:04)
  • Justin kills the ‘King’ of all rats. (33:25)
  • Frequent ejaculation may decrease prostate cancer risk. (36:06)
  • Why you should be wearing blue light blocking glasses EVERY TIME you are looking at screens. (39:03)
  • Where to score the best Halloween candy. (44:50)
  • New Program Alert!! MAPS POWERLIFT is out!! Come follow along with Sal and Adam. (46:55)
  • Shout out to Task Force 52! (57:25)
  • #Quah question #1 – Do you have any advice for someone trying to put on muscle but is struggling with eating extra calories? If I eat more than I’m currently eating it makes me feel sick. (58:51)
  • #Quah question #2 – When you reach a point you stop gaining weight, how do you get over that point? Is it better to back off your calorie intake or increase it even more? (1:06:14)
  • #Quah question #3 – A college professor told us that the eccentric part of the lift is the only important part of the lift because it tears the muscle. If someone only repeated the eccentric part of the lift, would they see major gains or is it a myth? (1:11:27)
  • #Quah question #4 – Imagine your 18 again, with the knowledge you have today. What does your training look like for your sports or competitions? (1:16:32)

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