1155: Ryan Holiday


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In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin speak with best selling author, Ryan Holiday.

  • How Ryan was talking about ‘fake news’ before it was cool. (2:30)
  • The concept of ‘yellow journalism’. (7:45)
  • Why the more polarizing information we get, the more likely we are to react to it. (9:28)
  • How you get what you pay for and the importance of long-form conversations. (12:15)
  • What is the most alarming trend he sees? (15:42)
  • The significance of digital wellness: How to use technology and NOT be controlled by it. (18:55)
  • Is stoicism having a comeback? (21:45)
  • How does he define stoicism? (25:42)
  • Why sometimes the best thing you can do is go back into the work. (26:37)
  • Can these teachings be just as effective if you don’t believe in the metaphysical? (31:35)
  • Does he have a code he lives by? (34:05)
  • Why certain things matter more TODAY than ever. (36:06)
  • The historical stories no one knows about. (42:15)
  • How was he introduced to stoicism and did it contribute to dropping out of college? (45:33)
  • How no man steps in the same river twice. (49:35)
  • What have his children taught him? (51:49)
  • If you don’t have any critics you aren’t doing anything interesting. (59:13)
  • What books have been impactful on his life? (1:02:45)
  • Is he motivated by money? (1:04:12)
  • The formula for his writing process. (1:06:23)
  • Does he know when he has a hit on his hands? (1:11:00)
  • Why he thinks in the long term and doesn’t play the comparison game. (1:12:15)
  • The value of autonomy and being in control of your own destiny. (1:15:48)
  • Why he lives his life NOT out of a place of want. (1:17:50)

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