1180: Joe DeFranco on What Makes a Good Trainer, the Importance of a Structured Warm-Up, the Role of Genetics and MORE


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In this episode, Sal, Adam and Justin talk with good friend Joe DeFranco.

  • Why Joe refers to bad trainers as “slap dicks” and how he takes criticism. (3:08)
  • The differences between his certification and all others. (5:00)
  • The origins of building a certification course and how he was introduced to James Smith. (10:09)
  • What are the real reasons why someone should focus on having a structured warm-up? (13:50)
  • The breakdown between application and academia. (17:35)
  • How do I know if a trainer is good or not? (19:22)
  • Should we be training squats and deadlifts? (23:43)
  • Why do we give a shit about how people eat? (26:35)
  • Always listen to your body FIRST! (29:10)
  • What is the value of speed and power training for the average person? What does a workout look like? (35:50)
  • The risk vs reward of his athletes incorporating Olympic lifts into their training. (44:50)
  • If you don’t use it you lose it. (47:30)
  • The hidden benefits of the post-activation potentiation training method. (50:10)
  • How do you break in and train your own clients? (56:00)
  • Behind the curtain of the ‘freak of nature’ that is Brian Cushing. (56:51)
  • How much of a role do genetics play? (58:30)
  • Is Joe a big sports guy? (1:02:34)
  • What is his favorite part about what he does today? (1:05:09)

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