1495 The Science of Happiness With Arthur C. Brooks


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In this episode, Sal speaks with Arthur C. Brooks about the science of being happy.

  • How do we define happiness? (4:15)
  • The barriers holding you back from full enjoyment of your life. (6:48)
  • The concept of the treadmill of satisfaction. (8:03)
  • Why true happiness requires unhappiness. (11:05)
  • The concept of the 4 Idols of Worship and why you should have a reverse bucket list. (13:05)
  • Why social comparison is the thief of joy. (21:45)
  • The art of balance. (30:47)
  • How to change your relationship with pain. (32:28)
  • As a society, are we experiencing a happiness problem? (36:20)
  • The epidemic of fear. (43:24)
  • What drove him to the science of happiness? (46:32)
  • How to build your happiness portfolio. (49:42)
  • His outlook for the future. (53:00)
  • How politicians are people too. (55:54)

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