Balancing Your Gut-Brain Axis


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balancing-your-gut-brain-axisLearn about the link between your gut and brain.Your gut and brain communicate with each other. It’s no wonder that your stomach can feel upset when you’re anxious.
Gut health has already been linked to chronic health issues like diabetes and autoimmune disorders. It is now being linked to nervous system problems like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.
The gut has been called the second brain. It has its own nervous system, the enteric nervous system. Mood is related to gut hormones. You may suffer depression if your gut microbes are unhealthy.
Fixing Your Brain-Gut Connection

  1. Avoid gluten since wheat is treated with Round-Up pesticide. Many people can’t digest gluten.
  2. Stop consuming processed foods.
  3. Get rid of the added sugar in your diet. Artificial sweeteners are even worse for your gut.
  4. Remove toxins from your environment.
  5. Eliminate allergens.
  6. Reduce your intake of antibiotics.
  7. Use berberine and aromatic oils to rid your gut of bad bacteria.
  8. Add enzymes to aid digestion.
  9. Take a quality probiotic.
  10. Eat fermented foods to get prebiotics back into your gut.
  11. Regenerate the gut lining.
  12. Get a blood test and see where you can retain good health with lifestyle changes.
  13. Exercise.
Listen as Dr. Robert Silverman joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss the connection between the brain and gut.

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