Encore Episode: Better Posture for Better Health


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encore-episode-better-posture-for-better-healthRealigning your posture may reduce chronic pain and improve your health.Posture is the interpretation of external sensory stimuli on the body’s musculature.
Your body can misinterpret stimuli and create faulty motor skills. This generates bad posture and can cause chronic pain. Excessive stress and compression affects your joints, organ function and general health.
Childhood Influence
Not all women have pelvic bones that are well-aligned. This leads to difficulty in the delivery room, which can cause misalignment in babies.
It’s best to let your child improve sensory input by allowing freedom of mobility. Avoid putting him in shoes (when possible) until the age of three.
Recognizing Poor Posture
If you’ve seen more than one professional for back, joint or neck pain, your posture needs improvement. Head tilting is another compensation for bad posture. Your shoes or pants may not wear out evenly, indicating you may have a postural disequilibrium.
Fixing Your Posture
Repetitive motion like walking is built on movement patterns. Your body is used to moving this way, and your brain needs to be retrained. Constant stimulation over a period of time can change faulty motor patterns. Exercises to create new motor habits can be done in just minutes a day.
Listen as posture expert Annette Verpillot joins Dr. Holly Lucille to discuss how your posture (and overall health) can be improved.

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