Encore Episode: Health Challenges for the Modern Woman


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encore-episode-health-challenges-for-the-modern-womanHow do the demands of modern life affect your health?Modern womanhood involves juggling multiple roles. Business, family, and social demands can make it seem impossible to maintain your health.
Common Causes of Health Troubles

  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Hormones
  • Digestive health
The latest trend you saw online may not provide the benefits you expected. Examine these common causes of health troubles and see where you may be struggling.
Five Types of Superwomen
Gypsy Girl: A creative, innovative type who is often fatigued. This type has dry hair and skin. She often needs more protein, fats and nourishment to help their kidneys. She needs a consistent sleep cycle.
Boss Lady: She moves from point A to point B. She can command and direct. She tends to burn out her thyroid and have digestive issues.
Savvy Chick: A blend of the gypsy and boss, she is an organized visionary. She needs more B vitamins. She has issues with adrenals and thyroid.
Earth Momma: A nurturing person who thinks of others first. She won’t have a fancy, sexy career. The nurturing takes a toll on her health. She typically has issues with depression or insulin resistance.
Nightingale: She gives with a higher purpose. She may be involved in mission work or volunteering. Commonly, she has a depleted immune system.
Listen as Dr. Taz Bhatia joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share some insight about potential health issues from living a full life.

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