Maximize Your Next Doctor's Visit


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maximize-your-next-doctor-s-visitMany factors contribute to depression.Medicine is more than a covenant with patients.
There are three major components to medicine: art, science and business. The art of medicine is the relationship between patients and physicians. The science is the research and treatment. The business is how money is exchanged.
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The health system seems a bit disjointed. The provider is currently disengaged because the business side is focused on productivity and transactions. Relationships and interactions with patients are the reasons providers went into healthcare.
Meaningful relationships with patients lead to higher satisfaction, lower costs and better results. Electronic health records should focus on the patient, not on making business transactions easier.
Patients need to be engaged partners in healthcare.
3 Questions for Your Doctor

  1. Why am I here today? See if you doctor knows why she's seeing you.
  2. For this visit to be successful, what needs to happen? Find out how you can get the most out of this visit. Make your visit efficient.
  3. What should I have asked but didn’t ask? Maybe there's something else you should know. This prompts your doctor to fill in the gaps.
You want a physician who is open and engages with these questions. There are plenty of other providers if this one isn’t interested in discussing these things with you.
Listen as Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright joins Dr. Holly Lucille to share how healthcare can change for the better and how you can make the most out of your next doctor visit.
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