Ep 9 - Chinmay Adhvaryu - Founding and closing Earth Observations companies, Solving a problem people care about, and Bringing Context


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Chinmay Adhvaryu is the co-founder and CEO of Influunt, a company focused on providing insights around water damage using Earth Observation data. He previously founded, and then shut down Earthlab AI, a platform to aggregate, preprocess and analyze satellite imagery.

We talk about both of these experiences, how Chinmay learned from the first one and from his previous experience in the world of Internet of Things, which he now applies those to Influunt.

About Chinmay:

Show notes:

Time stamps:

  • 2:20 - Episode Begins, Chinmay presents himself
  • 4:05 - Chinmay’s entry into the satellite imagery market
  • 9:10 - Reality check, what customers want compared to what can be done
  • 14:50 - Finding a fitting business model
  • 16:40 - Context is king
  • 22:10 - Staying in Earth Observation after closing a previous company
  • 24:30 - Choosing to work on water damage monitoring
  • 32:30 - How do we move from assessing damage to preventing it?
  • 38:45 - Chinmay’s thoughts on the Earth Observation industry
  • 44:40 - Parallels with the Internet of Things world
  • 47:15 - Microsoft Planetary Computer & Google Earth Engine
  • 51:45 - Chinmay’s ties to India
  • 55:10 - Climate change is tackled by people from all over the world
  • 1:01:25 - Experience at Techstars
  • 1:08:10 - Incremental changes over revolutions
  • 1:12:00 - Book & Media recommendation

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