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In this episode, I interviewed a fellow podcaster – Omar Zenhom.

Omar is the Co-Founder of Business Republic, where he, and his partner Nicole Baldinu, started an alternative business education program called The $100 MBA – a culmination of his years in business and education. They also offer daily, free 10-minute business lessons with their podcast The $100 MBA Show, that I highly recommend you subscribe to.

In our conversation we spoke about:

  • Mindset shifts necessary to keep our focus to succeed
  • “Focus” as the most important word in business and success in general
  • Why it’s so difficult for most people to be focused
  • Fear of failure and being overwhelmed
  • How to avoid being overwhelmed
  • Image of the electrical bulb and the laser beam
  • Suspend disbelief in order to focus
  • F.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Success
  • How do we know we are on the right “Course”
  • How to readjust your focus
  • How to reframe the failure experience
  • Go for No!
  • Shut off distractions
  • The Rule of Fives
  • Importance of saying “No”
  • How to get back on track
  • And much more…

Love to hear your comments.

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