(MIAC #258) Possible Safe Zones During the Grand Solar Minimum Risk Assessment


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Celeste Solum author of Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss hardening your home during unseasonable cold and possible safe locations across the planet during the Grand Solar Minimum so you can protect your families during these changing times.

  • What is Your Skill Set to Prepare for the Grand Solar Minimum
  • Sudden Stratospheric Warming Event the beginning of 2020 to cool the N. Hemisphere
  • Getting a plant to protect perrenial plants from unseasonable cold
  • Pipes begin to freeze in the SE USA as they are not deep enough in the ground
  • Head to the basement in a blizzard or freeze event power outage
  • Different water bodies and rivers will freeze winter 2019-2020
  • Possible safe zones during the Grand Solar Minimum
  • Stranded crops in Canada and delayed planting 2020 forecast already
  • Will political instability cease when food becomes the most valuable commodity on the planet

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