(MIAC #260) How will the Global Economy and Grand Solar Minimum Intersect


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Bob Kudla of tradelikeagenius.com and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss the current state of global agriculture, economy and how yields across every country are declining and what to expect as we move into 2023 with a brief interlude to the biggest crash since the Roman Empire in 2021.

  • Protecting yourself from financial turmoil unfolding across the planet
  • Food stocks and inflationary trends
  • The Last Bastion of Functioning Fiat
  • Federal Reserve Pumping $500 billion to keep the Overnight Repo market alive
  • Export restrictions possible if China buys too much agricultural product and drives prices up
  • Forecast 2021 US and Global both crash
  • Countries the need to import food and fuel both will be the countries that fail first
  • The Decentralized Future people are tired of overreach
  • We haven’t prepared people how to be prepared
  • Nebraska farmer grows oranges in winter in an earth walled greenhouse
  • Finance is beginning to roll in for indoor agriculture in abandoned buildings
  • Bob says look at DBA & MOS

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