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Are you looking for Joy?

Welcome to the first edition of Mini Miracles from Minor Moments for April 2018. This is your Host Linda Gullo and I am here to welcome you to Mini Miracles from Minor Moments. You know by now that these occur every single day! We just forget to recognize and enjoy them fully. It’s the minor moments that present opportunities for us to get to know ourselves better.

Today is Podcast 85 on JOY – “yup I said JOY!” With Easter just this past Sunday, it reminded me that there are so many Easter blessings that will be showing up. Already the days seem longer and the sun is popping up (even in light of some brief snowfalls here. It just is the season to be joyful. Today as I left the house, I noticed that several of the trees had buds—that is so nice to see. And there was a furry line of green were I have lilies planted. Every time something new comes up there is an opportunity for us to carry in JOY and embellish it.

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An invitation to a business nearby came via the email. I knew the timing would not work, but I longed to reconnect with the lady who sent the invitation. A Quick email back to her directly and BINGO, we had breakfast together yesterday morning. We have so much in common with one another, yet we haven’t sat down to really share in 2 years. What is that about? It was a wake up call to me that and something I am trying to change. I need to stayed connected with the people who make life JOY FILLED.

Years ago I remember Oprah saying that we needed to create things around us that are beautiful. To put ourselves in an environment that made us happy. It took me back the the earliest years of my marriage. I loved being a homemaker. My son said I was the first Martha Steward. I loved decorating our home, sewing the curtains and making covers for all the kitchen appliances. I found a great fabric outlet from an upholstering company and thrived on going there. Our yard was embellished with all kinds of bird houses and fun things. Together my husband and I refinished pieces of furniture and made our home a true reflection of us. We have always loved our home and the environment we created around us! To us that spells JOY and good time.

So perhaps if you are missing that feeling of happiness, stop and think what is fun for you? What would the ideal life be? Is it going to a concert with a bunch of friends or to the local outdoor concerts each summer? Is it repainting an old piece of furniture or taking up a new hobby. Maybe it is learning something new that you do with a group of people? Are you missing the JOY of people in your life? Engage in hobbies or groups where you can be involved.

One of the hardest things in many marriages is when one person has a hobby and the other one doesn’t. Or when the two hobbies clash. Perhaps you love messing around on the computer but your spouse likes to cook and wants you around all the time.

It can be hard to balance things out when that happens. I recall a funny episode in my sewing room years ago. I had a fabric model called Sally Stitch. It was my size and I’d pin and design clothes on her. She stood in the sewing room while I was playing at the sewing machine one day when my husband walked in. Apparently he was lonely for some attention and decided to be silly. In need of some attention from me, he began to dance around with Sally. I remember laughing at his antics. But he did get my attention, so much so, that I remember it all these years.

When I am totally bored and need a boost, I will go to a Floral shop and look for pretty smelling flower arrangement. Suddenly the muggy humid air and freshness wakes me up and gets me moving again. It is particularly helpful in the dark long days of winter.

Even now I find myself with other people flocking to buy trays of the newest annuals and perennials each spring. How about you? Are you ordering those gardening manuals or thinking of your yard? It’s fun to see the crocus’ and baby violets popping up.

So ladies and gents, I wish you all a marvelous springtime of JOY and getting out and about this weekend. Take that first step, it will put you on the escalator of success and Joy.

Until next week, have a glorious weekend, and do something fun!

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