Don't Fight, Make Love Tonight (Hustlers, Weird LGBT History Facts, The Emmy's, Billy Porter, Mayor Pete, Libra Season, JLO)


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Glory's back on the podcast sitting in the co-host chair and she is ready to read all of our astrologies as an unofficial astrologist. Glory saw 'Hustlers' and she has notes- and isn't sure why it's getting Oscar buzz. The Emmy's happened and Billy Porter is inspiring us all: the category is Love! Michelle Williams is showing what it means to be an ally! Keke Palmer lives in a blissful world where she has no idea who Dick Cheney is. Glory got digitally flashed on the subway! In some gay news: Is Mayor Pete Gay enough? What does that even mean? Do people still need to come out as HIV+? Oakland's Gay men's chorus office was vandalized. James is still writing the history wave with random/weird LGBT Facts: what was the oldest gay chat line? We revisit the Sacred Band of Thebes, a group of 300 men who fought, loved, and fucked each other. What does the ancient Chinese saying 'cut of the sleeve' mean? Glory, our resident astrologist lets us know that it's Libra Season and what we can expect. Water signs it's going to be a bumpy season- so find the balance!


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