FYBY: For You, By You (Reading Glasses, Ask Minority Korner Anything, Us, LatinX, Digital Blackface, South Africa, Appropriation, Book Recommendations)


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You, the Korner Kids, are driving the episode this week! Mail Call! Flying solo this week, James dips into the Minority Korner mail bag. James navigates learning how to run the show solo, and still manages to go into tangent city, and seems to spook himself talking about 'Us'. We get letters from around the world, and James attempts to answer questions like: what's the difference between Latino/Latina and Latinx? Who gets to tell who's stories? Naming your baby from a name that's not of your culture is that appropriation, digital blackface, and more! James manages to creep himself out throughout the episode. Then we jump over to Nnekay on Reading Glasses, as it's a Maximum Fun Crossover Event! It's like the Avengers but with books! Nnekay gives some amazing book recommendations, and how to give book recommendations to other people.

Reading Glasses

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