MK201: Disney: Casually Racist (Charmed, Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween, Marry Poppins, Disney's Racist Rides)


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We are passing the baton as we enter in a new era of Minority Korner! We have our new co-host Glory Mora jumping into the fold as we review our two hottest Korners of the past 100 episodes! James and Glory discuss their halloween costumes: Kitty man, and... Pilgrim lady... is Glory Selena or a Pilgrim? Was Glory a model for the House of Dereon? She seems to know a lot about Tina Knowles' design house. Glory also seems hell bent on proving that the center divides in streets are not only called meridian's.. but malls... fact check please! The debate is on whether or not Charmed was... a good show worthy of a cult classic, as Glory does a Charmed rewatch- James and Glory's first debate takes place. Are the Black Buffy/Charmed reboots a good idea? We dig into the archives and bring out two of our BEST korners from the past 100 episodes. First up, remember when James walked us through Disneyland's racist rides. For example do you know the racist movie Splash Mountain is based on? Song of the South, which gave us complicated songs like Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, and characters like Uncle Remus. James breaks it down! Keeping on the Disney track we celebrate Nnekay's expose on Marry Poppins and the racist undertones. Get ready to have your childhood bubble burst! Here's to the next 200 episodes!


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