MK208: Little Shop of Korners (Oliver & Company, Little Shop of Horrors, Great Things of 2019, Animation, Self Partnering & Emma Watson, England)


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We have a very special, hilarious, episode to help you laugh off that post Thanksgiving food if you were so fortunate to partake, or if you are out in the midst of Black Friday- we’ve got some funnies for you with the hilarious Emerald Collie from UCB’s Improv team Token and the world of Animation. We dig into those Disney+ archives, Emerald try’s to jog James' memory of Oliver and Company he can’t seem to remember. Speaking of Disney+ they have new disclaimers for culturally insensitive material but is it enough, and is another studio showing them up? We put James' theater theory degree to use and talk about the Brechteian Effect and how it’s used effectively in storytelling. We talk traveling to England, the Theater! And Emma Watson has married herself? What’s that about? Self Partnering? We have questions. We review 25 amazing things to be grateful for that are dope that happened in 2019 amongst POCs, LGBTQ, media, politics, the environment, and Emerald being from the world of animation takes us into a look at that world in terms of it’s diversity, the challenges, where it is, where it’s going, and who’s doing it right with some awesome recommendations.


Great things that have happened in 2019:

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