MK211: That Boom, Baboom, Boom, Boomer! (Ok Boomer, Kamala Harris, Lizzo, Aladdin Spin-Off, Miss Universe, Presentism, Golden Globe Snubs)


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So much to discuss this week as Glory rejoins the podcast. Kamala Harris drops out of the primary race, there’s going to be an Aladdin spin off- but not on the character you think of or remember, and did the Golden Globes snub women and people of color this year? You can bet Lizzo’s thong she shook at the Lakers! OK Boomer has ignited the generational divide. We look into and debate its merits, as we look into the meme and hashtags origins, highlight noteworthy Baby boomers, define generations, look into how a concept called “presentism” helps to recclye these age old feuds between the generations. The Miss Universe pageant happened, Glory didn’t watch it, but she has notes and insights as another Black woman snatches a crown through victory. And one of us rewatching Friends...


Things Baby Boomers have done:

Meaning behind OK Boomer:,

Problems with OK Boomer Washington Post:

Misconceptions about Boomers & the 60s:

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