MK212: U Got Kwanzaa'd 4! (Voter Purges, Impeached, Kwanzaa, Nnekay)


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It’s you got Kwzaa’d 4! Kwanzaa is next week so we are going to dig into the vault, Nnekay is back, for our annual Kwanzaa special. This is fun every year! If you’ve been with us before: how much do you remember about Kwanzaa- will you ace the Kwanzaa quiz this year? We go over the Seven Principles and Seven Symbols of Kwanzaa along with it's history, so you can know everything you need to know to celebrate this dope ass African American holiday to connect, rejuvenate, and empower your family, community, and self before the new year! We are going into 2020: it’s A BIG year for us in the US and we don’t just mean because all of the Marvel and DC movies being released next year are female driven, but it’s an election year, the fate of our democracy hangs in the balance and we need us as unified, calibrated, focused, and ready than ever. Plus Brandy or Monica, and Ashanti #notmyprincess. At the top of the show we have a PSA for Georgia and Wisconsin registered voters. Plus impeachment rally, and it looks like 45 has indeed been impeached!

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