MK214: I’m Meryl Streeping You (Warren v. Sanders, 4 C's of Life, Meditation, She Devil, Meryl's Process, Cynthia Enrivo, BAFTA's, Yoga Nidra)


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This is a Take Two! Guest Co-Host Shannon Algeo and James's, previous episode was lost to the either, and they had to gather to do it again! Awe the world of podcasting! We re-dive back in to highlights from this week’s debate, Mom & Dad are fighting? What is the beef between Warren and Sanders, or is this just tribalism amongst their supporters taken to extreme degrees on the social webs? Are the media, and Russia at it again? Find out why Lev Parnas has James throwing tables and where he believes we should really be focused and unified. Cynthia Enrivo said “un uh” to the BAFTA’s over POCs being snubbed AGAIN. Also... what is Meryl Streep’s process: we have theories! Could the She Devil herself Roseanne be at the center of it? In the main event, Shannon is going to align our chakra’s highlighting an ancient yoga practice James dubs Adult Napping. We look into why in these times we need to become awake to the things that are sleeping inside of us, how we become what we repeatedly practice (whether that’s stress, or anxiety), Shannon defines trauma, what the Four C’s of Life are, how we contain multitudes, and scientifically, why diversity is beneficial to everyone. We are going to connect to our inner world!

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