MK215: Let's Put Some Wigs On (The Morning Show, Gayceañera, Tips for A Broken Heart, A Trans Journey, Moulin Rouge Broadway, SAG Awards, Rainbow Flag)


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This week on the pod we’ve got Avi (they/them) LatinX Trans, non-binary, Queer artist and actor, a bit of a foodie, a fan of craft beer, loves a dance party, and currently searching for a hobby. We have so much fun today starting off with a little bit of good news! Some dope parents in Maryland through their child a Gayceañera! YAAAS! We debate the rainbow pride flag, and the commercialization of it. We both DEVOURED the Morning Show: It was amazing! It brought up some deep stuff for both of us around sexual assault, masculinity, sexism, and more. Though James was a bit distracted by someones wig. James saw Moulin Rouge on Broadway and may have been disappointed, representation matters even in your understudies. It's voting time- for SAG that is- and we both... forgot to vote! But it shows how political and bullshit awards really are. When we jump into the Korners it is finally here: my 10 Tips for Healing Loss and a Broken Heart, we all experience loss in different ways and these 10 tips and tools can be used to heal as your heart reopens from whatever hurt you may have experienced. Avi takes us through a quote that has them thinking about a lot of things, which leads us into a beautiful conversation where Avi talks about their transition to becoming their full self, their journey to be being seen clearly for who they are.

Reese Witherspoon's Wig

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