The World's Most Expensive Shrimp ($10k)


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Check out Brilliant (and get 20% off) here: Some aquarium hobbyists will pay $10,000 or more for a single shrimp because of the rarity of their colors or patterns. LEARN MORE ************** To learn more about this topic, start your googling with these keywords: Chromatophores: pigment-containing cells in the deeper layers of the skin of animals like shrimp Restricted availability theory: a commodity is available or perceived to be available only for certain individuals Reactance theory: unavailability of a commodity is perceived as a threat to an individual’s freedom to posses that commodity, making it more desirable. Scarcity heuristic: a mental shortcut that places value on items based on how easy it is to miss out on them. If you liked this week’s video, you might also like: Check out this Taiwanese news broadcast about fancy shrimp breeding: SUPPORT MINUTEEARTH ************************** If you like what we do, you can help us!: - Become our patron: - Share this video with your friends and family - Leave us a comment (we read them!) CREDITS ********* This video was produced by: Julián Gustavo Gómez (@thejuliangomez) | Script Writer, Narrator and Director Sarah Berman (@sarahjberman) | Illustration, Video Editing and Animation Nathaniel Schroeder | Music Feedback on drafts by: David Goldenberg, Alex Reich, Henry Reich, Peter Reich, Ever Salazar and Kate Yoshida MinuteEarth is produced by Neptune Studios LLC Henry Reich | Executive Producer David Goldenberg | Production Manager Melissa Hayes | Business & Legal Counsel Kate Yoshida | Chief Editor Ever Salazar | Creative Director Julián Gustavo Gómez | Community Manager OTHER CREDITS ***************** White Painted (Kai Bai) Shrimp photo by Demin Wong Blue Bolt Shrimp photo by Jeffrey Kelley OUR LINKS ************ Youtube | TikTok | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website | Apple Podcasts| REFERENCES ************** Bauer, R. T. "Color patterns of the shrimps Heptacarpus pictus and H. paludicola (Caridea: Hippolytidae)." Marine Biology 64.2 (1981): 141-152. John, Maria, et al. "The preference for scarcity: A developmental and comparative perspective." Psychology & Marketing 35.8 (2018): 603-615. Lukhaup, Chris. “Freshwater Shrimps: The next Generation.” Practical Fishkeeping, 14 May 2019, Lynn, Michael. "The psychology of unavailability: Explaining scarcity and cost effects on value." Basic and Applied Social Psychology 13.1 (1992): 3-7. Verhallen, Theo MM, and Henry SJ Robben. "Unavailability and the evaluation of goods." KYKLOS-BERNE- 48 (1995): 369-369.

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