Combat Veteran MJ Hegar is on the Heels of Sen. John Cornyn in Texas


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THROWBACK EPISODE! MJ Hegar is on the heels of Senator John Cornyn in Texas, so we're re-introducing you to this candidate -- share with all your friends in Texas!

MJ Hegar is a combat veteran, a working mother, and a Texan who is fed up with Senator John Cornyn accepting big payouts from corporations that leave his constituents struggling to make ends meet -- that's why she's running against him in November. In today's episode, MJ lays out her plans to prioritize the working class and expand healthcare coverage, all without big donors in her pocket calling the shots. Hear how her years of training in crisis management informs her strategy that is without Sen. Cornyn's politicization and focuses solely on protecting citizens. (Original air date: 9/9/20).

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