Episode 88.5 - Coming Attractions - The Matrix, The Joker and Woke Culture


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Advice for the Ice Road Truckers, News about The Matrix and The Joker kick off the latest coming Attractions Episode. Joe names the male lead of the fourth installment of the Matrix and educates Todd about the Wachowski's Transgenderism. They speculate as to the roles of Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne Moss in the film and Todd makes a bold prediction. They discuss the mixed reviews of The Joker, plus which major director was eyeing the job prior to filming and why he would be seen to be an ironic choice. The idea of films made by streaming services at The Oscars is discussed. They talk about Todd Phillips' comment that the "Woke Culture" ruined comedy. Joe shares a favour he did for his mother related to a friend's weird dream. They discuss the surge of TV Drama hitting the big screen and which TV shows could still be adapted as a film. The next film in the October Horror series is announced. Todd shares some tales from the sea and Joe tries to match him with his desk job. Call or Text us at 289-769-3288 Visit us at www.miscastcommentary.com Follow the links on the website to donate to the show. Follow Us On Twitter twitter.com/miscastpodcast Join our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/groups/MiscastCo…1408355179191224 Check out our Tee Public Store www.teepublic.com/stores/miscast-c…tary?ref_id=763

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