Q - What do TRIBAL religions believe? (from a Christian mission-minded perspective)


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How do we teach our kids and teenagers about what other religions believe? In this mini-episode, Ann Dunagan shares an introduction about Tribal Religions beliefs (also known as "Animism"), from a Christian mission-minded worldview.

  • Here is "Highlights of World Religions" from Teaching With God's Heart for the World, Volume 2, (by Ann Dunagan) which includes several pages about understanding Tribal/Animism and explaining this religious belief to young people,from a Christian mission-minded perspective. Included are basic beliefs, how to pray for people from remote tribal religions, and encouraging spiritual caution and prayer when learning about ancient religions -- introduced through popular family movies (such as Pocahontas, Moana, Avatar, or The Lion King), or in historical displays honoring ancient cultures and native religious practices.

Recommended mission books:

  • Eternity in their Hearts by Don Richardson
  • Peace Child, by Don Richardson
  • Bruchko, by Bruce Olsen

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