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2021-01-05 Weekly News - Episode 85

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Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions
Brad Wood - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions

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News and Events

New Podcast Launched by CFML Community Members

Working Code is a new podcast launched by some familiar names: Adam Tuttle, Ben Nadel, Carol Hamilton, and Tim Cunningham.
Working Code is a technology podcast unlike all others. Instead of diving deep into specific technologies to learn them better, or focusing on soft-skills, this one is like hanging out together at the water cooler or in the hallway at a technical conference. Working Code celebrates the triumphs and fails of working as a developer, and aims to make your career in coding more enjoyable.

Ortus Solutions Released Its Second Lucee ColdFusion (CFML) AMI

This week we debuted the Windows 2019+Boncode+Tomcat AMI. Complete with optimized Windows 2019 and Tomcat 9 settings, CFML applications will be highly performant and secure. This stack will also allow users to build high-performance production or development machines based on Lucee CFML and with CommandBox 5 as the CLI companion.

Online CF Meetup - "Code and Tell: Building Your Own Tools with CommandBox", with Matthew Clemente

Thursday, January 7, 2021
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST
Let's automate the boring stuff with ColdFusion! Let's build our own tools to supercharge ColdFusion servers, leverage existing ColdFusion libraries, and streamline daily development. All you need is your current knowledge of ColdFusion to leverage CommandBox's extensible framework for crafting new tools and automations.

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Possible Ortus Conferences for 2021

Ortus Developer Week - May 2021
ITB CET - Virtual Live European Summit - August 2021
ITB 2021 - Onsite Event - Houston - September 2021
ITB Latam - December 2021
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Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Blog - Ben Nadel - The User Experience (UX) Of My Microwave's "Add 30-Seconds" Button
Over Christmas break, I needed to thaw-out some Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. And, since waiting a few minutes for it to warm-up on the kitchen counter is entirely unacceptable, I popped it in the microwave for 10-seconds. I did this by hitting the Add 30-Seconds button, waiting 10-seconds, and then hitting the Cancel button. When it comes to microwaves, I only ever use two buttons: "Add 30-seconds" and "Cancel". But, my microwave has loads of additional buttons and advanced settings. As I was standing there with 10-seconds to kill, I started to wonder what kind of user experience (UX) lessons I might learn from the large gap between what the science-oven offers; and, how I actually use it.

Blog - Charlie Arehart - Version numbers of libraries underlying ColdFusion 2021
Are you wondering what updates have been made (in terms of version numbers) to the libraries underlying CF2021?
For instance, what's the version of ehcache? What about Java, Tomcat, Hibernate, Quartz, jQuery, and so on?
In this post, I offer a rundown of what seem the most significant libraries and their versions, as deployed in the first release of ColdFusion (2021 Release). This is something I have been doing in my "hidden gems" talks for the past several releases. I also explain here how I find these version numbers, which isn't always obvious, in case that may help anyone (and also because some libraries may change with future updates to CF2021). I also offer some commentary on why this matter of library versions is important to some, as well as some counterpoints to the demands some have that every library should always be the absolute latest version (and why that's just not practicable).

Blog - Akbarsait - ColdFusion 2021 Tutorials
Every release of ColdFusion is a ceremony to the CF community. Like the previous release, I started to create this new list for the 2021 release of ColdFusion. The CF 2021 list will get updated as soon as articles are published. I hope it will be handy to see a collection of tutorials on a single page for folks like me .

Blog - Ortus Solutions - 2020 - What a Year It Has Been!

Blog - Ortus Solutions - Ortus Solutions Released Its Second Lucee ColdFusion (CFML) AMI
This week we debuted the Windows 2019+Boncode+Tomcat AMI. Complete with optimized Windows 2019 and Tomcat 9 settings, CFML applications will be highly performant and secure. This stack will also allow users to build high-performance production or development machines based on Lucee CFML and with CommandBox 5 as the CLI companion.

Blog - Ben Nadel - The SublimeText 3 Extended Find Results Tab Is A "Living Document"
I'm a huge SublimeText 3 fan. From its blazing fast fuzzy-text file matching to its multi-cursor / multi-selection support, it never fails to disappoint. Which is why I use it all day, every day. Among the features that I leverage often is the extended Find-and-Replace. And, one thing that you might not know about the Find-And-Replace feature is that the Find Results tab is actually a living document. Meaning, you can edit it, add notes, move results around, delete results and it continues to work. I don't necessarily use this aspect of it all that often; but, I find it fascinating how many little details SublimeText just gets right. As such, I wanted to put together a quick video demo.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Using COUNT(), COUNT(column), And COUNT(expression) Variations To Extract Row Metadata In MySQL 5.7.32
Yesterday, I was working with fellow InVisioneer, Josh Siok, to transform some MySQL data-tables into a common format. As we did this, we were using the COUNT() aggregation function to gather metadata about the records that we were transforming. COUNT() - and the other aggregation functions - are surprisingly flexible. As such, I thought it would be fun to take a quick look at the COUNT() variations in MySQL 5.7.32.

Blog - Ben Nadel - One Unhappy User Is A Tragedy; One Thousand Unhappy Users Is A Statistic
At InVision, we often talk about the importance of Compassion: compassion for each other; and, compassion for our users. And while I absolutely love this about our company, compassion isn't something that comes naturally. Compassion is a muscle - one that requires regular exercise and incurs a certain degree of discomfort. It can create tension within an organization; and, may even pit short-term efforts against a long-term vision. Compassion is not easy; but, compassion is critical for our company, for our users, and for our humanity. As such, we must find strategies that grant us latitude in such matters. For me, it means focusing on "the one" user.

Blog - Wil De Bruin - Customize your resource routing in ColdBox
In this post I will show you how coldbox can help you creating resourceful routes, how cbswagger shows me that I don’t want the defaults resource() routing method, and how easy it is to create your own method!
As always: coldbox can make your life a lot easier, and if you don’t like it, it is flexible enough to create your own solution!

Blog - Charlie Arehart - A table of what Java versions can be used with what ColdFusion versions
You may wonder which version of Java you can use with your current or a planned version of ColdFusion. It depends on first on what version of CF you are using, and what CF update has been applied to that CF instance.


Several positions available on
Listing over 60 ColdFusion positions from 40 companies across 31 locations in 5 Countries since July 1st

1 new job this week.

Full-Time - ColdFusion Application Developer at Hyderabad, Telangana - India
Posted Dec 30

Ortus is hiring: Senior ColdFusion CFML Developer

At Ortus you will be:
- Modernizing web applications and helping companies move out of legacy hell
- Teaming up with ColdFusion Experts in order to solve complex web development problems.
- Testing and integrating new web technologies in order to create custom business implementations
- Pushed to innovate constantly and create new solutions to web development problems
- Leading project teams that deliver software that matters

- US Timezone availability is a must
- US Citizen or Resident or Work Visa is a must

ForgeBox Module of the Week


This module provides a common interface for sending stachebox logs to elasticsearch. The module may be used with either a direct connection to an Elasticsearch server or may be installed as a client-only module, which connects to a separate instance running this module as a microservice.

StacheBox is the management tool, which has dependendies of cbelasticsearch and logstash

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week


Integrated Subversion source control

You can checkout a SVN repository with the SVN: Checkout command in the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P). You will be asked for the URL of the repository and the parent directory under which to put the local repository.

- Source Control View
- Quick Diffs in gutter
- Status Bar
- Create changelists
- Add files
- Revert edits
- Remove files
- Create branches
- Switch branches
- Create patches
- Diff changes
- Commit changes/changelists
- See commit messages

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