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2021-03-09 Weekly News - Episode 94

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Luis Majano - Owner / Guru for Ortus Solutions
Gavin Pickin - Software Consultant for Ortus Solutions

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New FORGEBOX® Pricing for 2021+

A new year means focusing on new priorities and projects. With that in mind, we wanted to give FORGEBOX® the spotlight it deserves. Our goal is to make your job and your life easier, that’s why we have decided to bring down our pricing considerably!

ContentBox 5 Beta

New big features, Mutli-site, and finally solid Postgres support.
Official Beta coming very soon.

Ortus Webinar Announced - Vue.js in my ColdBox App

Friday, March 26th at 11:00 AM CT (GMT -6:00)
In this webinar, Esmeralda Acevedo will show us how to integrate Vue in a simple ColdBox app, which will ultimately demonstrate the fundamentals of Vue.js.
with Esme Acevedo

Online CF Meetup - "ColdFusion 101: Intro for Beginner Devs, Decision Makers, & CEO’s", David Byers

Thursday, March 11, 2021
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST
Every developer's journey has to start somewhere. This session is designed to give new developers and business owners an overview of ColdFusion, and why it's one of the most amazing development languages available. You will learn, from a very broad perspective, the basics of how ColdFusion works, some simple ColdFusion syntax, an overview of the major ColdFusion frameworks, an overview of the developer community and various ColdFusion resources, and some facts and misconceptions.
This presentation is specifically targeted towards new developers or business owners who have little to no knowledge of ColdFusion.

FR Webinar - What Are The 5 Things You Should ALWAYS Check Before You Release Your Application?

Join Mikey on March 25 at 09:30 PDT
Releasing a new app or website can be stressful. Whilst most dev teams have a QA process, the team often needs to go a little deeper in order to spot performance issues errors buried deep within the code. The 5 things you should always check before you release your application are

New Book from Luis Majano 102 ColdBox HMVC Quick Tips and Tricks

Now Available on Gumroad - $29

Reminder about the new Ortus Community

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- CommandBox Zero to Hero
- Task Runners Part 1
- Task Runners Part 2

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- More CommandBox Hero to Zero

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VueConf - Virtual Vue Love

April 14th - Online - Free and there’s swag (first 500 registrations)
Hosted by Evan You
Live Video with Chat Q&A with speakers
Attendee Lightning Talks
Live DJ
Virtual Party
Workshops TBA

RedisConf 2021

Virtual: Apr 20-21
Stay tuned for Details


May 27th 2021

Ortus Workshops

Quick Workshop

March 11-12
Lead by the creator of Quick himself, Eric Peterson.

Register now

More dates to come
- CommandBox Zero to Hero
- ColdBox Zero to Hero
- ColdBox Hero to SuperHero

Ortus’s Possible Conferences for 2021

Dates subject to change

Due to Online conference overload, we are thinking about not expanding the number of events, but more content in more timezones with a different format.

ITB - Developer Week Style??
With some European Timezone Friendly slots from our European Community Members
September 2021
Call for speakers coming soon

ITB Latam
December 2021

More conferences
Need more conferences, this site has a huge list of conferences for almost any language/community.

CFML Is now on the list -

Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Blog - Ben Nadel - Using ColdFusion Custom Tags To Create An HTML Email DSL In Lucee CFML, Part XII
Last week was InVision's "Sync Week" - our annual all-company meetup and hackathon. And, for my hackathon topic, I decided to try and apply my ColdFusion custom tag DSL (Domain Specific Language) for HTLM emails to our application's transactional emails. It's still in the proof-of-concept (POC) phase; but, I learned a lot from 3-days of heads-down HTML email hackery; and, I've tried to pull those learnings back into my ColdFusion custom tag concept. One of the first issues that I ran into was that I needed to just normalize all Margins on block-level entities.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Using ColdFusion Custom Tags To Create An HTML Email DSL In Lucee CFML, Part XIII
As I've been continuing to flesh-out my ColdFusion custom tag DSL (Domain Specific Language) for HTLM emails, I've come to realize that dealing with custom web fonts and font-weights is a pretty big challenge. Specifically because we can't be sure that our custom web font has loaded; and, a number of email clients have support for just two font-weights: 400 and 700. As such, I'm starting to think that it's a good idea to avoid "bold" weights below 600 regardless of the font-weight variations available in your custom web font.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Killing Slow MySQL Queries In An Emergency In Lucee CFML
At InVision, we recently upgraded our MySQL database servers to use MySQL 5.7.x. And, while I'm excited for access to new features like the native JSON column type and the sys performance schema, the upgrade did have some bumps. In particular, we had a subset of SQL queries that started running with terrible performance (typically those that have very large IN(id-list) clauses). I had to refactor a number of queries; but, while that code was being changed, I had to put together an emergency utility that would allow me to start killing SQL queries in production. I thought this was a fun little exercise that would be worth sharing in Lucee CFML
ASIDE: Before I started killing queries manually, I did try adding a timeout to my tags. Unfortunately, this did not seem to have any impact. I am not sure why the timeout didn't kill long-running queries in Lucee CFML - I know that this mostly worked when the code was running on Adobe ColdFusion.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Case Study: Removing Massive IN (ID-List) Clauses For Performance In MySQL 5.7.32 And Lucee CFML
Last week, I shared some emergency ColdFusion code that I had written and deployed that would allow me to view the processlist and kill slow queries in MySQL in one of InVision's read-replicas on Amazon RDS. After we upgraded to MySQL 5.7.32, a few of our oldest SQL queries started to perform really poorly; and, I needed to create a little breathing room for the database CPU while I refactored the problematic SQL statements. After my post last week, Martie Henry asked me what the performance bottleneck ended-up being; so, I thought I would share a quick case study about what was going on and how I "fixed it" (depending on how hard you squint).

Blog - Ortus Solutions - New FORGEBOX® Pricing for 2021+
A new year means focusing on new priorities and projects. With that in mind, we wanted to give FORGEBOX® the spotlight it deserves. Our goal is to make your job and your life easier, that’s why we have decided to bring down our pricing considerably!

Podcast - Working Code Podcast - Episode 012: Idiomatic Code
Many programming languages have a sense of idiomatic code: the "blessed way" to solve a particular set of problems with a language's native constructs. These patterns exist to help people work more effectively together; and, to help new developers adapt to the language. But, unfortunately, the expression of idiomatic code in some communities shifts from "carrot" to "stick", getting used to separate the "right" way from the "wrong" way, thereby creating an implicit division between the "good developers" and the "bad developers".

Tweet - James Moberg - Case Sensitive Columns in Queries
I just discovered the hard way that getColumnNames() will return the same case when the query is created within #ColdFusion, but SQL-based columns are returned all uppercased. For mixed-case, you have to use getMetaData()․getColumnLabels() w/ACF & ColumnArray() w/Lucee.


Several positions available on
Listing over 53 ColdFusion positions from 34 companies across 39 locations in 5 Countries since Dec 1st.

1 new job this week

Full-Time - ColdFusion Developer at remote - United States
Posted Mar 04

ForgeBox Module of the Week

Quick V4.2.4

Quick was built out of lessons learned and persistent challenges in developing complex RDBMS applications using built-in Hibernate ORM in CFML.

Quick is an ORM (Object Relational Mapper) written in CFML for CFML. It provides an ActiveRecord implementation for working with your database. With it you can map database tables to components, create relationships between components, query and manipulate data, and persist all your changes to your database.

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week

Better Align

Wwm - wwm.better-align approx 225,000 installs
Align code without selecting them first.

Place your cursor at where you want your code to be aligned, and invoke the Align command via Command Palette or customized shortcut. Then the code will be automatically aligned.

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