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2021-10-27 Weekly News - Episode 123

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Brad Wood - Senior Developer for Ortus Solutions
Gavin Pickin - Senior Developer for Ortus Solutions

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News and Events

Preside Version 10.16.0 is out

See our release and upgrade notes/video:
Release Notes:

Online CF Meetup - Using LaunchDarkly for feature flag management in CF applications, w/ Brad Wood

Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PDT
Feature flags are a system of enabling certain functionality in your app based on test groups, cross-cutting segments of users, and your internal release processes. Feature flags can be updated on the fly at any time by any user and don't require deploying new code to your servers. LaunchDarkly is a system that helps you manage your feature flags and how they respond to the users of your site. It offers detailed tracking of each user, each flag, and a robust set of rules for determining which users see which features. In this session, we'll see an overview of how to use the new LaunchDarkly SDK which can be used in ColdFusion applications. Demos will include both ColdBox apps and non-ColdBox legacy apps.

Adobe 1 Day Workshop - Adobe ColdFusion Workshop with Damien Bruyndonckx

Wed, November 10, 2021
09:00 - 17:00 CEST EUROPEAN
Join the Adobe ColdFusion Workshop to learn how you and your agency can leverage ColdFusion to create amazing web content. This one-day training will cover all facets of Adobe ColdFusion that developers need to build applications that can run across multiple cloud providers or on-premise.

ICYMI - Into the Box 2021 - Videos are now available

Videos are now available on CFCasts!
Free for subscribers; Free for ITB 2021 attendees; available as a one-time purchase for $199.
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ICYMI - Ortus Webinar for October - Gavin Pickin - Building Quick APIs - the extended version

In this session we will use ColdBox’s built in REST BaseHandler, and with CBSecurity and Quick ORM we will set up a secure API using fluent query language - and you’ll see how quick Quick development can be!
Recording will be posted to CFCasts soon

Hacktoberfest 2021

Support open source throughout October!
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Microsoft Ignite

November 2–4, 2021
Opportunity awaits, with dedicated content spotlighting Microsoft Business Applications and Microsoft Security.

Deploy by Digital Ocean

November 16-17, 2021

AWS re:Invent

NOV. 29 – DEC. 3, 2021 | LAS VEGAS, NV
Virtual: Free
In Person: $1799

Postgres Build

Online - Free
Nov 30-Dev 1 2021

ITB Latam 2021

December 2-3, 2021
Into the Box LATAM is back and better than ever! Our virtual conference will include speakers from El Salvador and all over the world, who'll present on the latest web and mobile technologies in Latin America.
Registration is completely free so don't miss out!

Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021
December 7th and 8th - Virtual
Speakers are finalized and some Speakers and some session descriptions are now on the site
Register for Free -
Blog -

Tweet from Mark Takata
OK! I can finally let you all know that for the @Adobe @coldfusion #CFSummit2021 keynote we will be featuring @ashleymcnamara! Her talk will focus on the history & future of DevRel how we got here & where we're going. to register!
#CFML #DevRel #conference
Now a free virtual event
December 9th starting at 8:30 am CDT/2:30 pm UTC.

More conferences
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Blogs, Tweets and Videos of the Week

Blog - Ben Nadel - Reading Environment (ENV) Variables From The Server Scope In Lucee CFML
This is a pro-tip that I originally picked up from Julian Halliwell a few years ago. However, I sometimes talk to people who don't realize that this is possible. So, I wanted to try and amplify Julian's post. In Lucee CFML, you can read environment (ENV) variables directly out of the server scope. They are just automatically there - no dipping into the Java layer or dealing with the java.lang.System class. Lucee CFML brings these values to the surface for easy consumption.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Making SQL Queries More Flexible With LIKE In MySQL 5.7.32 And Lucee CFML
While you might stand-up something like Elasticsearch, Lucene, or Solr in order to provide robust and flexible text-based searches in your ColdFusion application, your relational database is more than capable of performing (surprisingly fast) pattern matching on TEXT and VARCHAR fields using the LIKE operator. This is especially true if the SQL query in question is already being limited based on an indexed value. At InVision, I often use the LIKE operator to allow for light-weight text-based searches. And, as of late, I've been massaging the inputs in order to make the matches even more flexible, allowing for some slightly fuzzy matching in Lucee CFML

Blog - Ben Nadel - Creating A Group-Based Incrementing Value In MySQL 5.7.32 And Lucee CFML
In the past few weeks, I've been learning a lot about how I can leverage SERIALIZABLE transactions in MySQL, the scope of said transactions, and some hidden gotchas around locking empty rows. As a means to lock (no pun intended) some of that information in my head-meat, I thought it would be a fun code kata to create a Jira-inspired ticketing system in Lucee CFML that uses an application-defined, group-based incrementing value in MySQL 5.7.32.

Blog - Ben Nadel - Creating A Group-Based Incrementing Value Using LAST_INSERT_ID() In MySQL 5.7.32 And Lucee CFML
Yesterday, I took inspiration from Jira's ticketing system and explored the idea of creating a group-based incrementing value in MySQL. In my approach, I used a SERIALIZABLE transaction to safely "update and read" a shared sequence value across parallel threads. In response to that post, my InVision co-worker - Michael Dropps - suggested that I look at using LAST_INSERT_ID(expr) to achieve the same outcome with less transaction isolation. I had never seen the LAST_INSERT_ID() function used with an expression argument before. So, I wanted to revisit yesterday's post using this technique.

Blog / Documentation - Zac Spitszer - Building and testing Lucee extensions documentation
I have written up a detailed guide on how to Build and Test Lucee Extensions, using Lucee Script Runner and Apache Ant.
It’s a little bit complicated to setup, but I have developed a toolchain, which once set up, makes the entire process really dead simple.

Tweet - Mark Takata - Adobe - The CF Summit 2021 Keynote announcement
OK! I can finally let you all know that for the @Adobe @coldfusion #CFSummit2021 keynote we will be featuring @ashleymcnamara! Her talk will focus on the history & future of DevRel how we got here & where we're going. to register!
#CFML #DevRel #conference

Tweet - Ben Nadel - Monolith Deploys
It's 10:50 AM.
I work in a monolithic #Lucee #CFML codebase.
And, I just started my 3rd deployment of the day.
It's amazing how much work you can get done when you stop worrying about what other people think of your technology choices. 💪 #ShippingIsLife #ColdFusion

Blog - Nolan Erck - Speaking at ColdFusion Summit 2021
It's official -- I'm speaking at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021! It's been way too long, I'm looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces, even if it's just virtually. :) The CF Summit this year is virtual (stupid Covid) but looks to be a great event with some excellent speakers lined up!

Tweet - Brad Wood - Tip of the day
CommandBox tip of the day: Get a unique list of datasources in use in your code base with this one-liner:
❯ cat **.cf? | grep 'datasource="' | sed 's/.*datasource="([^"]*)".*/\1/i' | unique
#CFML #ColdFusion

Blog - Charlie Arehart - Return of AWS Lambda support in ColdFusion 2021 Update 2...well, kinda
Some folks may have heard or noticed that update 2 of CF2021 has returned "CF AWS Lambda" support. And while I was delighted to hear that news, my excitement dimmed when I saw what the "returned feature" was about. (As a reminder, the feature had been removed shortly after the initial release of CF2021, in news I shared then.)
TLDR; While the original CF AWS Lambda feature (removed shortly after the release) let you CREATE AWS Lambda/serverless packages written in CFML, the feature as "returned" to us now in update 2 only allows you to CALL AWS Lambda functions from within CFML. That's QUITE a difference.
And sure, there's value in being able to call AWS LAMBDAS in cfml, as I'll note. (And yes, it's already possible to execute cfml in AWS Lambdas in Lucee via Fuseless, as I also note later.) I just am really hopeful that at some later point the original capability will be returned.
Below, I share how I came to understand things..including more on what was possible before, what we were even teased by over the summer in the prerelease of CF2021 update 2, and then finally what the current capability allows.

Blog - Charlie Arehart - New updates released for Java 8 and 11 (and 17), Oct 2021
New JVM updates have been released yesterday (Oct 19, 2021) for the current long-term support (LTS) releases of Oracle Java, 8, 11, and 17. (Note that prior to Java 9, releases of Java were known technically as 1.x, to 8 is referred to in resources below as 1.8.) While the news has been announced by Oracle and shared in the IT press, I know that some of my readers don't necessarily follow those sources closely.
The new updates are 1.8.0_311, (aka 8u311), 11.0.13, and 17.0.1, respectively).
For more on them, including information on the security fixes and bug fixes they each contain, see the Oracle resources I list below, as well as some additional info I offer for if you may be skipping to this from a JVM update from before Apr 2021, as well as info for Adobe ColdFusion users on where to find the updated Java versions, what JVM versions Adobe CF supports, and more.


Several positions available on
Listing over 221 ColdFusion positions from 100 companies across 122 locations in 5 Countries.

6 new jobs listed

Full-Time - ColdFusion Developer (Senior) at McLean, VA - United States
Posted Oct 23

Full-Time - Staff Developer II at Remote - United States
Posted Oct 22

Full-Time - Sr. Software Engineer - Java/ColdFusion at West Palm Beach, .. - United States
Posted Oct 22

Full-Time - ColdFusion Engineer at Remote - United States
Posted Oct 16

Full-Time - Senior Coldfusion Developer |LATAM| at Colon, PA - United States
Posted Oct 15

Full-Time - ColdFusion Developer | 4 to 6 years | Pune at Pune, Maharash.. - India
Posted Oct 13

ForgeBox Module of the Week

Spreadsheet CFML by Julian Halliwell

Standalone library for working with spreadsheets in CFML (Lucee and Adobe ColdFusion), supporting all of ColdFusion's native spreadsheet functionality and much more besides.

Note that this is not an extension or package, so does not need to be installed. To use it, simply copy the files/folders to a location where Spreadsheet.cfc can be called by your application code.

Previously known as Lucee-Spreadsheet

VS Code Hint Tips and Tricks of the Week


Ponicode allows you to create, modify and visualise your unit tests in seconds, boosting your coverage with AI-powered test generation.
Benefits: assists you in the task of unit testing, saving you time while ensuring your code is well tested

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