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Officially launched on 30 April, 2016, ModState is a centrist economic & sociopolitical magazine committed to editorial and multimedia coverage of current events ruled by the following ethos: all non-violent views are welcome at the proverbial table. This decidedly alien concept is the intellectual lighthouse guiding your host (the magazine's Associate Editor) Nate Wellein and his counterpart (Managing Editor) Jonny DeViney amidst the neurotic onslaught of filth in and around what somehow manages to be called "the free press." Drawing from the eternal optimism of his political hero, Robert F. Kennedy, Mr. Wellein is clearly worthy of "The White Knight" label given him by The Swashbuckler one microphone over. Espousing the latent virtues of one Richard M. Nixon, Mr. DeViney merits the "anti-hero" label affixed to his hard-boiled veneer of charisma. For this pair, the very nature of their perennial efforts ensure their remaining on the ascendancy. Whatever the verdict on their episodic struggles with the stark limits of Federalism, The Force is with them and, as always, it's gonna be [expletive deleted] entertaining. Regardless, exposed to the limitless array of disappointments indelibly etched into the DNA of the era, they're oft-forced to acknowledge that perhaps "Victory is The Absence of Defeat."

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