Foreign Policy Horror: The Kurds ModState Podcast Episode 206


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Welcome back to the ModState Podcast. As the impeachment inquiry drives on President Trump's personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani has deepened the scrutiny and made it harder for his supporters to go to bat for him. What will be the tipping point? Is there a tipping point? What event could make the dominos fall and Republicans abandon the support of the president? Nate makes the case that Republicans support the president because they realize it is their key to re-election. As the allegations mount could the icing on the cake be the greatest foreign policy blunder since the Iraq war? The Kurds have been utterly abandoned without a clear plan or objective from the President of the United States. His former Secretary of Defense resigned because of this plan and now President Trump has sprung into action abandoning a group that fought side-by-side in Syria against ISIS. How will this sit with future allies and groups that we partner with? What does this invasion by Turkey mean for the Kurds? Tune in and have a listen.

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