MDC 34: Breaking a "Funny" Bone

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Backstory time! Since the last episode, Adam has gone through a wave of illness and injury that has lasted for over a month. What started as a flu that the whole house had, turned into a sinus infection. After a wave of antibiotics and prednisone, the infection was gone but the cough had gotten worse. A stabbing side pain led to a trip to urgent care and the discovery of a cracked rib. A new prescription for codine cough syrup hoped to relieve the cough and help the rib heal. It didn't help. Back to the Dr. with a new rib fracture. This time came with a new wave of cough treatments including tessalon perles to help the cough, symbicort to open up the lungs, and Aleve for the pain. Now, after over a month, it finally looks like things are getting under control. On the more positive side of things, it's the holiday season. We recently placed our amazon order for the boys gifts and ouch is that a hard number to see all at once. We have a system so that the boys all have an equal number and type of gifts. Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. It also helps with when grandparents want to buy things because we already have an amazon wish list set up along those guidelines. Things have been good with the boys. Bug turned 4 and got his latest set of shots. He was definitely not happy about that. Sam has been growing his vocabulary and been using more short sentences. Damien has been doing great in school. We've all but thrown out Charlie's contract because he wont keep up with it. ReAnna's last words this week: a joke barely worthy of a Laffy Taffy. If you think it's funny, or if you agree with Adam and can't roll your eyes hard enough, let us know on the Mom and Dad Cuss Facebook page. Thank you everyone and we'll catch you next time. Send us your WTF Moments at Subscribe, Rate and Review on iTunes Find us on the Google Play Music App Email us at

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