Better than Coffee | How to Use Your Mornings to Gain Clarity for Yourself Ep 9


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The early bird gets the worm is a well-known proverb because it has a lot of truth to it: it means someone will have an advantage if they do something immediately, or very early on. Our guest expert Manica Hauptman shares with us why it’s so important to seize the morning for us in order to get clarity on what you really want while wearing all the hats! With clarity comes action, and when you hit play, you will see why imperfect action is the best.

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Manica Hauptman

Manica is a certified life coach, helping her clients to get super clear on what they want and take action to get it. She believes in the power of her unique morning routine and loves teaching her clients how to build their beliefs from clarity of heart before taking action with confidence and courage. From this space, she supports her clients in managing all their obligations with less stress & mess, taking decisions they love and building a happy and successful life. She is Slovenian, currently living in the UK, and a traveller by heart as well as mum to 3 kids. She decided to set up her own business in order to live an independent life, widen her choices and try new pathways.


IG @manicacoachingyoga





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