Cool, calm and collected | Being Authentic as an Introvert and Thriving Ep 22


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Do you break out in a sweat at the idea of putting yourself out there to promote your business? Fear not, there’s a way to honor your beautiful introverted self and still thrive while interacting with the world. Our guest expert and coach, Jenny Toh, shines a gentle light on how she manages to have a successful coaching business while being an introvert herself. Make yourself comfortable and listen in!

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Jenny Toh

Jenny is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) who runs her own coaching practice, River Life Coaching Pte. Ltd. Jenny is also a qualified lawyer in the U.K., Singapore and Malaysia. She is passionate about coaching introverted individuals to be more visible on their own terms and to empower them to live fully and joyfully.


IG @riverlifecoaching




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