Lacking a Green Thumb? | Using Permaculture Gardening For Simple Living Ep 21


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Owning a parcel of land while doing your own gardening and growing your own food… does it sound like a pipe dream? Our featured expert, Nicky Schauder, shares how this is possible regardless of where you live or even if you think you have a black thumb. She is truly an inspiration on how she’s sharing permaculture with others, and even growing 300 lbs or her own food alongside her family- with six little ones in tow! Listen in and get inspired!

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Nicky Schauder

Nicky Schauder and her husband Dave are passionate about helping families grow their own food. Their garden journey began when their kids were diagnosed with “failure to thrive” due to multiple food allergies. Because of these health issues they felt called to grow organic at home and now supply 25% of their fruits and veggies from their tiny townhouse backyard. Their mission is to help families grow their own food, medicine and find God through ecological gardening.


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