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Being a Tedx speaker is one of the pinnacles of authority, credibility and leadership that anyone can aspire to. And yet, most of us know very little about what it truly entails to be selected to step into that coveted stage. Dr. Elena Paweta gives us a sneak peek behind the curtain and shares with us fascinating facts about the world of Tedx. Keen to know how to share your original ideas in under 18 minutes?

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Dr. Elena Paweta

Dr. Elena Paweta is an Executive Communication coach, International Business Trainer, speaker and lecturer. She conducts trainings and workshops on effective communication and business presentations. Her clients are among others: KPMG, Bosch, Deloitte, Bridgestone, GE Healthcare, Goldman Sachs, Santander Bank, Astra Zeneca. As an assistant professor at SGH Warsaw School of Economics, she is specializing in international business. She is curating TEDx and TEDxWomen conferences in Poland for over 7 years. As a TEDx coach, she is helping busy entrepreneurs around the world with amazing ideas to become TEDx speakers.

What can we learn from global startups? | Elena Pawęta | TEDxKoszalin


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