Words that win | How to get the internet to saddle up, pony up, and want to ride off with you into the sunset... before they even meet you Part 1 Ep 36


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In this two-part episode, the Wizard of Words and copywriter extraordinaire, Edward Bell, infuses the conversation about using words that win and copy that sells with pure, delightful, and humorous energy. He goes high and low and deep into the energetics of things as well as the practical ways you can start creating content that magically connects and wows your desired audience. Don’t say we didn’t warn you_ with Edward’s witty, candid and authentic personality leading the way, you will be easily immersed into the magical world of words while also being inspired to reach for your keyboard right afterwards!

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Edward Bell

Edward Bell is the copywriter for people whose least favorite F-word is "formula". Because formulas are what? Boring. And no one buys from Same-y Sounding Susan. He's the writer you hire when you want your words to be heard, respected, and acted upon... without sounding like a hype man chuggging Red Bull at a frat party. He's known for believing your work's special before he's even met you. What you hire him for, is words that make the world feel that too.

Working With Edward In His On Words: My absolute favorite thing in the world (and when I do my best work) is collaborating on copy like we're in a Netflix writer's room. I call it the Word Wizard Apprenticeship. If a medieval blacksmith and Ernest Hemingway got hot and steamy, this would be their baby. It's 3 months, 1-on-1 with me, where I help you write the best copy of your life on projects you already need to get done. No extra time out of your calendar, and you walk out with copy you not only want to shout into a megaphone, but know will attract the right clients to you. You can poke around the outrageously entertaining sales page over at


Website https://www.dialamuse.com

IG @inspiredward

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/eawbell/


How To Earn Clicks With Consent And Creativity


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