197: Burnout and Managing Overwhelm with Dr. Kat


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How are you? Sometimes it’s hard to check in with ourselves in the busy-ness of daily life, especially in these pandemic days when our self-care options are limited. High stress, depression, and anxiety tend to feel like personal failure. In today’s show, I want to offer you perspective and encouragement.

Show Highlights:

  • How to interpret your feelings during moments of stress
  • How to approach the new considerations brought on by the pandemic: masks, social distancing, virtual connections, etc.
  • Why life is hard in many ways right now for most people
  • Tips on how you can feel better:
    • Remember that you are resilient
    • Getting help is NOT failure
    • Honor your exhaustion by taking a break and setting boundaries
    • Check in with your sleep, eating/hydration, hormones, and stress
    • Turn “What’s wrong with me?” into “What’s going on for me?”
  • Take time to reflect and allow space just to BE


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