181: Fathers and Perinatal Mental Health


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We have the honor of hearing from Dr. Sheehan Fisher about new fathers, the transitions they may go through when a baby comes along, as well as the challenges and strengths that they may experience.

There are quite a few gems in our talk today, one of which is how the role of fatherhood is changing and adapting to the times…AND thoughts about navigating that. Dr. Fisher’s take on these transitions is not to be missed. I’m sure you’ll want to share this with the fathers, men and partners of men in your life. PLEASE DO!

We also discuss:

- The spectrum of mood changes that fathers might experience postpartum, such as depression, anxiety, anger

- how it affects them, what they might experience

- what their partners might notice

- Looking at the family as a system and how family members affect each other

- What can they do? What kinds of support or therapy, available?

- Coping suggestions

- hopeful messages for fathers

Connect with Dr. Fisher:

Twitter: @SheehanDFisher

Facebook: @SheehanDFisher

Instagram: @DrChefSheehan

Dr. Sheehan Fisher is a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor at Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, with an appointment at Lurie Children’s Hospital. His research and clinical interests focus on perinatal mental health, with a subspecialty in father’s mental health and role in the family. His aim is to understand the mechanisms that place mothers and fathers at risk for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, and the effect of both parents' mental health on infant health outcomes. He also is passionate about increasing fathers' competence in the home and reconstructing views of masculinity.

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