478 - Don't Take Money from the Wrong Person


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When you stop taking money from the wrong people, your entire business will change. Early on when you try to sell to everyone, you will be challenged. You will endure pain and suffering by taking money from the wrong people. While it may work for you in the beginning, eventually you will realize you are not getting consistent results. When the product doesn’t fit the avatar, the product doesn’t have the effect you want it to have, they don’t get results, and they end up disgruntled and frustrated, and they leave.

As an entrepreneur, you want to sell to the right people 100% of the time. When you learn to stop taking money from the wrong people, everything will start to work. Your marketing will work, your sales will work, you will get consistent results. Most of all, your clients will get consistent results. To do that, you must realize that not everyone is the right avatar for you.

When you aren’t getting the results you want, your clients aren’t getting results, and the right people aren’t showing up, you end up in a place where you have to take responsibility and fix the process. Decide first who you are selling to and creating an outcome for and that will allow you to exclude everyone else.

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